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Dr. Babak Jamalian

Managing Director At Ideal Fit Center

With over 25 years of medical experience, his work ethic is based on the pillars of passion and patience. Dr. Jamalian’s encounter with Ideal Protein started when he met with an old friend who was, at the time, obese.

Dr. Jamalian was keen to help, given his experience in medicine and knowledge of obesity and diabetes prevalence in the UAE.

After ordering some Ideal Protein products for family and friends, he documented its tremendous impact. After ensuring the results are measurable and replicable, he brought Ideal Protein to the UAE.

Through Ideal Fit Centre, Dr. Jamalian aims to help individuals overcome obesity and regain their health. He also hopes to be an advocate for healthy living in the UAE. Dr. Jamalian helps clients get in the best shape of their lives with the simple Ideal Protein Ketogenic Plan.

Our vision is for a healthier and happier UAE.

If you're seeking an expert guidance for you or for a loved one's weight loss journey, we encourage you to take the first step with Ideal Fit Center.

Alaa Rabah


DHA licensed clinical dietitian. Gained experience in weight management providing tailored weight loss programs, nutritional education and lifestyle advice to enhance and improve clients’ and patients’ lives.
Passionate about human nutrition and weight management to promote a healthy lifestyle to clients.

Why Ideal Fit Center

Ideal Fit Center offers a holistic approach to weight loss. We offer Ideal Protein low carb diet customized meal plans as well as access to a dedicated dietician and doctor. Our plan guarantees fast and effective results- women typically lose 1-2 kgs of fat per week and men lose around 2-4 kgs of fat per week.

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