Ideal Protein is really about science. You’re actually fat-burning, rather than ingesting it.

Vicci and Tony lost 265 with the help of Ideal Protein. Our vast collection of tasty and filling snacks will fill your appetite and and taste delicious in the meantime. Ideal Protein’s products will fuel you on your journey to lose weight.

Steps To Reach A Keto State


Limiting sugar and
carbs intake


Your body enters Ketosis state meaning its burning fat for energy


As your fat storage burns you lose weight

How it Works

Reset BODY. Reset MIND. Reset POSSIBLE.
With the 3-Phase Ideal Protein Protocol.

Phase 1

Weight Loss

Reset body to burn fat and lose
the weight…
Phase 2


Reset mind to maintain a healthy
weight and build healthy habits…
Phase 3


Reset possible and live your
fullest, healthiest, best life yet…
By restricting carbohydrate intake, the Weight Loss Phase is designed to optimize fat loss through ketosis (a safe and natural state in which the body mobilizes stored fat as its alternative energy source). You’ll remain in Phase 1 until you have reached your weight loss goal.
Following weight loss, you’ll be coached to slowly reintroduce carbs and healthy fats, and you’ll receive a unique-to-you Macro Code based on the number of macronutrients you need to help you maintain your new healthy weight and effectively manage hunger.
Reset POSSIBLE and live
For the first 12 months following Stabilization, you will continue to receive education and support from your coach and clinic as part of the Maintenance Phase. Your coach will provide support and guide healthy food choices for life introducing new strategies each visit on nutrition, healthy eating patterns, behavior change, and environment. Your coach continues to help you incorporate your Macro Code to maintain health long-term. You can stay connected to your coach through our app and Wi-Fi scale, incorporating “Tune-ups” as needed.

Reset With the 3-Phase Ideal Protein Protocol.

It can never be denied that our keto diet is excellent for losing weight and has shown extraordinary results in the past. But, the benefits of our keto diet do not limit to just weight loss. Numerous other benefits come along with it. 

Maintains Blood Sugar

High blood sugar and obesity are among the risk factors for type 2 Diabetes. Insulin resistance happens when carbohydrates are consumed in large amounts and blood sugar is high. Our keto diet, providing low carb intake, and moderate fat and protein intake, helps in weight loss and blood sugar management.

Enhances concentration

Surprisingly, people start a keto diet just for improving their focus. When a person is on a keto diet, their brain uses ketones as its principal fuel instead of glucose. Now, one might wonder- how do the brain portions that necessarily require glucose for functioning work? The answer to this would be- Our keto diet does not include excluding carbs completely. Therefore, the low amounts of carbs included in our keto program will help the brain to function. The keto diet also results in the production of Ketones, which act as fuel for the brain. In addition to ketones, the keto diet also lowers blood sugar, and both these factors result in improving brain functioning.

Boosts energy and Normalizes hunger

Fat is a more reliable source of energy. It provides the body with consistent energy throughout the day. This helps in normalizing hunger and managing cravings. These new obtained habits will not only help in weight loss but help keep the weight off!


One might get amazed to know that in the early 1900s, keto diets got used to help children with Epilepsy. Keto diets were common and recommended by doctors to reduce seizures in children caused by Epilepsy. Our keto diets are effective for children with Epilepsy on whom conventional treatments do not work. The diet also helps people to fewer medications for Epilepsy with a significant decrease in seizures. Not only for children, but our keto diet is also helpful for adults with Epilepsy.

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Since our keto diet is low in fat, it helps decrease bad cholesterol (LDL), increase good cholesterol (HDL), and normalize blood lipids’ levels. That, along side weight loss, aids in normalizing blood pressure.

Managed Insulin

Insulin resistance can result in Type 2 Diabetes. Our keto diet can help prevent it. As our diet is low in carbs, it helps prevent diabetes by lowering insulin levels to healthy ranges.

The numerous benefits of our keto diet might convince one to think

How to do Keto diet? or How to stay on keto diet? If you are curious to know how to follow a keto diet, contact Ideal Fit Centre today to follow the best Ketogenic diet meal plan.