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Self-Measurement Guidelines: How to measure your weight loss progress

Ideally, it is best that the coach performs these measurements, however due to the current circumstances Ideal Protein has outlined recommended self-measurement guidelines. Before using this guide, please check in with your coach and discuss the best way to self-measure.
There are seven important measurements that should be consistently taken on a weekly basis. To perform these measurements at home, you’ll need a measuring tape and if possible, ask someone living with you to help. If no one is available, have a washable marker or pen available. Also, it is recommended you use a full- length mirror if available.
The measurements could be reported to your coach in the Ideal Protein App via the measurement add tool, messaging feature, or alternatively you can email your coach.
Please note that on each measurement below, it is essential to ensure the circumference of the tape is even.

1st Measurement – Chest

  • Place the end of the measuring tape on your nipple line in front of you
  • Take the measuring tape around yourself and bring it back to the front
  • Read and record the measurement to report to your coach

2nd Measurement – Waist

  • Place the end of the measuring tape on your belly button (as a benchmark everytime you take this measurement)
  • Take the measuring tape around yourself and bring it to the front
  • Read and record the measurement to report to your coach
  • As you perform this measurement it is important to stand tall and relax

3rd Measurement – Hips

  • It is recommended you stand in front of a mirror for this measurement to ensure you are measuring the mid-section of the buttocks. Or if possible, ask someone who is home to help.
  • Use the mid-section of your buttock for a consistent measurement every week
  • Place the tape measure from the back around your hips, making sure the tape falls on the mid-section of your buttock
  • Make sure you read the measurement from the front of your hips
  • Read and record measurement

4th Measurement – Arm

  • For this measurement, it is highly recommended you have someone’s help
  • Place your right arm straight perpendicularly to your body
  • Place your left 4 fingers in the crease of your right elbow
  • Have someone take a measurement at this part on your arm (4 fingers above your elbow crease)
  • Read and record measurement
  • If you do not have help, then make a mark approx. 4 fingers away from the elbow crease and use this every week. It is a bit tricky using only 1 hand to take the measuring tape around your arm.
  • The important piece is that you are recording the measurement at the same spot every week.

5th Measurement – Thigh

  • Stand tall with your right arm to the side touching your right thigh
  • Make a mark on your leg at the point where your thumb hits your thigh
  • Now place the tape measurement around this marked area and measure around your thigh, keeping your leg straight and relaxed
  • If you have someone around to help, skip the making the mark. Stand straight with your arm falling to the side, and ask them to take a measurement around your thigh at the point where your thumb hits your thigh.

6th Measurement – Thorax (Optional)

The thorax is comprised of all the bones along your thoracic spine including the ribs and more

  • For this measurement, take the measuring tape around the bottom border of your scapula, for example, where the bra line would sit, and bring it back to the front.
  • Read and record the measurement to report to your coach

7th Measurement – Neck (Optional)

  • The neck measurement should be taken with relaxed shoulders that are not hunched and using a mirror
  • For this measurement, place the measuring tape just be low where the Adam’s apple would or does sit and extend the tape horizontally all around the neck
  • Read the measurement in the mirror and report to your coach
Again, if someone is home please ask for their help in taking measurements. Otherwise use the mirror and a marker to ensure your measurements are consistent every week. It is good practice to take these measurements at the same time, same day every week.

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